Are people scared too much of Covid-19 ?

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In Japan, the infected case of Covid 19 is a record-high of about 2000 people in one day.

It is too small compared to other countries like the US or European countries.

Here in Japan, the mass media is stirring up the situation by emphasizing the number of newly infected cases every single day.

The Japanese government seems no idea of how to deal with this situation.

The government is giving a contradictory message to the Japanese people not to enjoy eating out but asking to go to travel to spending more money.

In this current situation, we have to protect ourselves by keeping distance and not to talk as much as possible in the public.

It seems to be the right attitude but is it?

I just found an article saying the Covid-19 seems like just ordinal flu.

Lies of the Corvid-19

it was in Japanese, so I will briefly translate but what is written in there is quite convincing.

PCR positive and infected should not be seen as the same

Apparently, the accuracy of the PCR test is only 70% so 3 in 10 people are negative even they have the virus.

Also, the PCR positive dose not mean Corvid infected.

Sees the PCR positive as the spreading of the infection

As I wrote the PCR positive and the infected is not the same but the media or the medical adviser to the government sees the same.

Don’t understand why.

This means increasing the number of the PCR test and finding more positive gives the wrong impression of infection spread.

PCR test is not almighty

Taking the PCR test does not give you the result you want because of the accuracy problem.

As I wrote the PCR test is only 70% accurate.

For example, there are a number of cases, a patient was positive today but the next day was negative.

Covid 19 really kills?

Apparently, the death rate of Corvid 19 is very low compared to the other illnesses.

In fact, it is only 1.5% of all the PCR positives have died and the age groups of the deceased were 80th and 70th.

At this age, people are at risk anyway.

There are a few more things the article was pointed out but I think it is enough to explain the Corvid 19 seems just normal flu.

Obviously, I don’t know why there are so many people who died at the beginning of the pandemic.

There must be another reason rather than the clinical problem.

Well, we will surely see the truce sooner or later.

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