Seems we are all in MATRIX. Are we not?

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Recently I have a feeling that we are all in MATRIX.

Some of you may know this film Keanu Reeves was the ONE to save the real world.

The interesting thing in this film is that our mind lives in a virtual world which is called MATRIX but in reality, our body is just a generator for machines.

If you are interested in please watch the film.

What I want to say is that I feel like in this situation.

Obviously, I don’t believe that we are living in the MATRIX and I do not think I am a generator but it seems that we have been manipulated by something huge that we do not even realize.

I can not remember who said but like an ancient martial arts master says ” The truth is like eyelashes.  It is there but you can not see them”.

I am pretty sure it is not by God’s but they are the collective human intention.

The Corvid-19 is a really good example because we actually don’t know what is really happening with this virus.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we felt death so close all over the world, and especially Europa became a kind of war zone.

Since then we have been trying to get back to “the normal life” but is this real?

What if this pandemic is a huge fake story and we have just acted without knowing what is actually going on.

What if just somebody wanted to make a profit by selling vaccines.

What if somebody wanted to control the world by this pandemic.

It is a conspiracy but who knows it is not really happening.

The pandemic was started from Chine for sure, but the question is who has spread the virus.

Some say it was a virus that the French have been developing in Wuhan, but some say it was the US’s biological weapon experimented in China.

No nobody knows the truth and the way to find out is who gets the money and political advantages.

The world is upside down by this “pandemic thing” and it will go on for some time.

What we can do is to be vigilant of whom tales the profit out of our pain.

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